Teamwork Motivation Quotes Inspirational Calendar


365 Teamwork Motivation Quotes Calendar. Start on the day you decide.

What makes a successful team? A wise and caring leadership? A common goal? A spirit of togetherness? A victorious mind set?  “Teamwork Motivation” combines quotes of wisdom on how to create a team, build trust and set confidence that will work in unison toward a common vision.

Calendar/Quote cards are enclosed in a spring-fed display case with a 3×3 inch sticky-note pad, pen holders, and a drawer for small items. We use premium recycled paper to manufacture the calendar cards. The flip-side of calendar/quote cards are our stock “For Him” images. Choose from a variety of case colors and remember to select the future day you want the calendar to start.


Are you purchasing for someone else? Add gift wrapping to your order for just $3.49 each.


Efforts to explain the phenomenon of LOVE have been known since the “beginning of time”, …and so far, nobody has come up with a complete and all-encompassing definition of it. “All About Love” combines some of what has been said about Love by famous and “unknown” authors. Available in Shiny Black, Shiny Red, Shiny Pink, Shiny White, Gold and Chrome cases with spring-held mechanism. Card Style: Stencil. Image set: For Him. 

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 6 in
Case Color

Shiny Black, Shiny White, Shiny Red, Shiny Pink, Gold, Chrome

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