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The 400 Hugs™ 100% WOW! Guarantee Return Policy
If you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason, you may return it at any time for a full refund.  Or, if we can fix something, we will do that too.  Our goal is happy people living a better-lived life!

Returned products do not need to be in new or unopened condition, but all originally ordered contents must be included with your return.  We do not cover return shipping charges.

Please email our customer support team for any questions or comments at  Our customer support team will contact you immediately.

Can more than one person become a "Designer" of 400 Hugs™?

Yes, multiple people could work in helping you design your 400 Hugs™. For instance, if your 400 Hugs™ is a gift to your parents, several children, regardless of where they live, could add pictures and messages. All you need to do is share your log-in and password with them.

How many cards can I have in my 400 Hugs™ deck?

Up to 400. This consists of 365 Calendar Cards that may have your own pictures printed on them. In addition, you have up to 35 Special Cards that may be used for personal notes commemorating special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, fun times and memories, love notes, etc. For the Special Cards you will have access to our library of graphics for birthdays, national holidays, anniversaries, etc.

Can I add my own text?

Most certainly! We encourage it. Making your deck design personal is what puts the “WOW!” in 400 Hugs™!!!  This is done after you add your own pictures on the "REPLACE STOCK IMAGES WITH YOUR PHOTOS" page and "ADD UP TO 35 OF YOUR SPECIAL DAYS" page. 

Can I choose a color theme or a style for my deck?

Yes. Five color and font themes are available for your choosing on the "CHOOSE YOUR CARD STYLE" page.

What file format do I use for uploading my photos and images?

.jpg and .png

How many photos can I upload and how long will they be kept in the system?

You may upload up to 400 photos and they will be kept for 18 months before they are automatically removed. You will be notified if we have your current contact information.  Note: This is not a photo repository and you can delete a photo but you cannot download a photo.

Can I upload pictures from my Social Media accounts?

Yes, you can upload your pictures from any of the following:

  • Facebook
  • Google Photos
  • Instagram
  • Flickr

If my order is a gift, can I have it shipped to the person I am gifting it to?

Yes, you will find a “Ship To” option in the check out process.

If my order is a gift, how will they know from whom it came?

If it is a gift order, you will have the opportunity to create a Special Card that will be the first thing they see when they open up their gift!

How will my 400 Hugs™ come packaged?

Your 400 Hugs™ case will be filled with your cards and ready to use. It will be placed in a gift box, wrapped in tissue paper and decorated with a gold bow. The gift box will be wrapped in bubble wrap protection and placed in a standard shipping box.

Will I receive a confirmation after placing my order?

We will send you two confirmation emails after placing an order. Your order confirmation will arrive shortly after you submit your order, to notify you that your order has been received. Your shipping confirmation will arrive when your order has shipped and will include details on how to track your order.

What if, for any reason, I don't like my 400 Hugs™?

Our goal is “Make Every Day a Little Brighter” by inspiring and motivating you or the person you are gifting. If, for any reason, you don’t think your 400 Hugs™ meets your expectations, you may return it. For our complete “No Questions Asked” return policy, select “400 Hugs™ Guarantee".  Of course if there’s something we can fix, we are happy to do that too.

Is gift wrapping available?

Yes, you can add this in during the check-out process.

I would like to buy a new or different case for my 400 Hugs™ deck. Can I do that?

Yes, the price of an empty colored case is $19.95, chrome and gold are $29.95.  There isn't a place to order this on our site, so just contact, tell us what you want and we will take it from there.4

When my calendar deck runs out, can I buy a refill?

Yes. The refill price (and you may make all the changes you wish) is $19.95 and can be ordered at the bottom of the "CHOOSE YOUR CASE COLOR" page.

How secure is my data?

We work to protect the security of your information during transmission by using the latest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information you input.  You may read more about this in our Privacy & Terms section.

Will my personal information be kept for only your use?

Yes it is secure. We do not and never will resale your data — Period.
You may read more about this in our Privacy & Terms section.

Do you use "cookies"?

Cookies are unique identifiers that we transfer to your device solely for the purpose of our systems to recognize your device and to provide features for your convenience. Every browser has the option to turn off cookies, but we recommend leaving them on to make your time on our site a more enjoyable experience.

What is the 400 Hugs™ case made of?

The case, drawer and pusher mechanism, which is offered in your choice of colors, is made of an injection molded polymer. The constant-force spring (that pushes the cards forward) is made of spring-tensioned steel. The case sits on four soft rubber “feet” that will protect any surface.

What are the measurements of the 400 Hugs™ case?

The 400 Hugs case measurements are:
Height: 4.25 inches / 108mm
Length: 6.25 inches / 159mm
Width: 4.00 inches / 102mm

The drawer has a divider down the middle, there are two pen holders and a 3″x3″ sticky pad holder (sticky pad included).

What kind of paper does 400 Hugs™ print on?

We use 100 pound cover weight recycled paper. This is the weight of most business cards.

Are there restrictions to "provocative" words and pictures?

400 Hugs™ discourages the use of distasteful words and pictures and reserves the right, at our discretion, to not produce such items.

What if I am having a technical difficulty with 400 Hugs™?

If you happen to experience a problem, try signing out, clearing your cache and then restarting 400 Hugs™. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, then use the Contact Form, call us at 800.572.0878 or use the Chat in the lower right corner.

Buying American

Whenever possible, we prefer “Buying in America.” Your 400 Hugs™ Customized Card Deck is manufactured in America with recycled paper. Each order is checked and double-checked for accuracy. Our goal is to help with "better-lived lives" 365 days a year. 

Quantity Pricing of 400 Hugs™

400 Hugs™ does offer quantity price breaks as follows:
Red, Black, White, Pink (matte or gloss): 

1 to 5 $49.95 For a limited time $39.95
6 to 10 $47.50 For a limited time $37.50
11 to 50 $44.95 For a limited time $34.95
51 to 99 $42.50 For a limited time $32.50
100 + $39.95 For a limited time $29.95

Chrome or Gold:

1 to 5 $59.95 For a limited time $49.95
6 to 10 $57.50 For a limited time $47.50
11 to 50 $54.95 For a limited time $44.95
51 to 99 $52.50 For a limited time $42.50
100 + $49.95 For a limited time $39.95

Resale pricing is available (reseller must provide proof of ability to resale). Please email us at 

Privacy and Billing

Your privacy is important to us and we subscribe to the highest level and practices of internet security. If you should ever see a charge on your credit card statement from 400 Hugs™ that you have not made, please contact us immediately and we will take action. We will never ask you to e-mail your debit/credit card information to us. 

Creating Your Account

To create a new account, simply follow these directions:

  • Start choosing options to build your first deck by clicking a "Get Started" button.
  • When you arrive at the appropriate place, it will ask you to "Create A New Account".  You are not committed to order until you're ready, this is simply to preserve your work.
Signing Into My Account

It is best to sign in immediately on as this will bring up all of your current information and design projects.

  • Click “My Stuff” in the top ribbon and this will take you to the "Log In" page. 
    From here you can view past orders and current works-in-progress.
Forgotten Password/Reset Password
  • When you first get on the website, click "MY STUFF".  Since you are not logged in, it will take you to "MY ACCOUNT" and ask you to log in.
  • Here you will be able to to click "FORGOT PASSWORD" and enter your email address and click "RESET PASSWORD".
  • If you do not receive your new password email within two minutes, make sure to check your spam or junk folder. If you still cannot access your account, please contact us at
Shipping Your 400 Hugs™

400 Hugs™ ships the best way / best price and all shipments are trackable.  All orders will have a tracking link confirmation email sent directly to the email you provided.

You may also track your order from within your account:

  • Go to your “My Stuff / My Account Information ” page (you will need to be signed in).
  • Click on “My Orders.”
  • Click on the “Order ID” you wish to inquire and all details of the order will appear.
  • Click the “Tracking” button and the tracking information will appear.  Tracking will be available for around 60 days after it has been shipped.
Fast Production

Our goal at 400 Hugs™ is to ship orders same-day if we have the order by noon.  After noon we will ship your order the next day at the latest.  This applies to orders received Monday through Friday. There will be a delay on weekends and holidays, or in rare circumstances, for equipment downtime.  All times are Mountain Time.

Shipping Rates & Speed

The shipping cost in the United States is $8.39 overall. There will be no additional shipping charges for multiple orders.

International shipping is available to most countries. Delivery time will depend on your shipping preference. Rates are available at check out, although there may be additional import duties and taxes.

Sales Tax

Your 400 Hugs™ will have sales tax added complying with the state and county sales tax laws in the state in which it was produced. The amount of sales tax (if any) will appear in the check out process.

Can I track my order?

All orders will have a tracking link confirmation email sent directly to the email you provided.

You may also track your order from within your account:

  • Go to your “My Stuff / My Account Information ” page (you will need to be signed in).
  • Click on “My Orders.”
  • Click on the “Order ID” you wish to inquire and all details of the order will appear.
  • Click the “Tracking” button and the tracking information will appear.  Tracking will be available for around 60 days after it has been shipped.
What if my 400 Hugs™ doesn't come when it is supposed to?

We suggest:
1) check your tracking (see "Can I track my order" above).
2) Give it an extra day.
3) If it still hasn’t been delivered, contact us at
and we will go to work on it.

If I order multiple items at the same time, will they arrive in one box?

If you are shipping to one address, then in most cases, yes. There may be a time when they would come in separate shipments.  Either way, each 400 Hugs case will be in it's own gift box for a nice presentation.

Tracking Your Order
  • Go to your “My Account Information” page (you will need to be signed in).
  • Click on “Order ID” and this will bring up "Order Details.
  • Click the “Track” button to view the tracking associated with that order.
    Note: Tracking will be kept for about 60 days after delivery.
  • Go to your “My Account” page (you will need to be signed in).
  • Click on “My Orders.” This will display your previous orders. You can click "Reorder" to order the same EXACT order (including same start date).
Cloning a Past Project to Create a New Project

  •  If you wish to use a past order as the foundation for a new project then click "Clone It", giving it a new name and today's date.  The cloned project will instantly appear at the top and then you may click "Edit" to make make any changes and/or updates as you wish.
  • When you are satisfied with your 400 Hugs™ order you can then proceed to the normal check out process.
  • Towards the end of your deck, there will be an opportunity to order a refill deck for the next year.
Browser Support
Note: To keep giving you a great 400 Hugs™ experience, we periodically update our website security certificates based on new SSL Standards. In order to continue enjoying 400 Hugs™ you should install a supported browser. To install or update a supported browser, please visit any of the following browsers’ websites:

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