St. Valentine’s Day


“To love another person is to see the face of God.”

              Victor Hugo”

Rooted in ancient Roman and Christian tradition, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day of romance, a day set aside to formally declare love to those who mean so much to you in your life.

Every February 14th, gifts of chocolates and flowers are exchanged with thoughts of love and affection. This year create a lasting personalized gift for him or her with 400 Hugs, to express your love each day, all year long.

Our special edition of 400 Hugs tabletop calendar organizer makes a memorable custom made Valentine’s Day gift for the loved ones in your life, touching their hearts with messages of love every day of the year. You’ll love making this gift as much as your loved one will love getting it!

custom valentines day gift


400 Hugs Valentine’s Day gift comes with an easy-to-read one-year calendar card deck that we provide in all our organizers. We use quality recycled paper for every 365-card deck. You choose the day you want your calendar to start on. Each card displays a beautiful saying or an inspirational quote to make every day a celebration of love and affection. We suggest “For Her” or “All About Love” quote themes to make a perfect gift for her or him. In addition, we have many more quote themes to choose from. As you create your gift, your personal touch is added as you upload your own photos or select our stock images to be displayed on the back of the calendar cards. Choose one of 6 card display case colors (black, white, red, pink, gold or chrome) and one of our 5 card styles (different fonts and colors) to suit your recipient, whether it be your husband, wife, family or best friend.

You can further customize your personalized Valentine’s Day gift by adding up to 35 Special Day cards that you create, and your recipient will love your personal messages, images and photos. They will appreciate the special moments and memories you chose to share, celebrating your relationship throughout the year.

Your Valentine will also enjoy the usefulness of the stylish 400 Hugs display case. In addition to displaying the card deck, the organizer also provides a space to hold two pens, a pull-out drawer for small items, and a pad of sticky notes. The display case can be refilled each year, becoming a custom gift that lasts for many years.

The giving of 400 Hugs doesn’t end here. A free mobile phone app is also included. This way, your loved ones will receive their personal quote and photo daily, even when they aren’t near their 400 Hugs organizer.

Celebrate the month of romance with this unique personalized Valentine’s Day gift from 400 Hugs. Your Valentine will be touched with your thoughtful messages of love and inspiration.

With 400 Hugs, hug someone today…and every day!