Celebrate Mother’s Day All Year


“Mother’s Day is in honor of the best Mother who ever lived…

              The Mother of your Heart”



Motherhood is a symbol of unconditional love, an instant heart connection that surpasses all, a relationship that does not know boundaries, a gift of life that cannot be repaid. For Mother’s Day this year, honor her with a timeless gift that will inspire and touch her heart throughout the year.

400 Hugs™ “For Mom” quote set is a great way to celebrate the mother in your life all year round, with a highly-personalized gift to display atop the counter top or desktop in her home or office.

Personalized Gift idea mothers day


Like all 400 Hugs™ tabletop calendar organizers, a Mother’s Day gift comes with an easy-to-read one-year calendar card deck composed of at least 365 daily cards, printed on recycled paper. Each card contains an inspirational daily quote or saying like the one above. The back side of cards in the deck will show photos that you upload or images that you choose from our themed image collections. You can also add up to 35 personal messages of special memories and anniversaries that you select, including her birthday, etc., along with meaningful photos and images. Celebrating other holidays, notable occasions, sharing special memories, sending love notes are great for these extra cards. You’ll have access to our graphics library, where you can select from a variety of font and color options, to create your custom gift to her liking.

The 400 Hugs tabletop calendar organizer can be refilled creating a gift that lasts for many years.

The usefulness of 400 Hugs™ doesn’t end with the custom calendar card deck. Each stylish display case also provides a space to hold two pens, a pull-out drawer for the small items, and a pad of your favorite sticky paper notes. Choose one of six colors of your display case (red, pink, white, black, chrome or gold) to wrap your inspirational gift in the color that she will enjoy. You can also download our free smartphone app that will display the same quotes, personal messages and images as your tabletop organizer on her phone when she is away!

All of these features are available with any tabletop calendar organizer made by 400 Hugs™. We’ve made it easy for you to celebrate moms, grandmas, wives, aunts or sisters in a unique and useful way that is guaranteed to make their life a little better each day of the year. At 400 Hugs™ we’re making lives better, every day, in a personal and motivating way.