A Great Graduation Gift


“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that

              you will be happy to live all your life.”

Golda Meir


A graduation is a huge accomplishment to be shared and celebrated with family and friends. Mark this milestone of years of hard work, commitment, and memories with a personalized graduation gift from 400 Hugs. And continue to celebrate your graduate’s accomplishment for the whole year to come with this inspirational and motivational 400 Hugs tabletop calendar organizer!

This unique gift is a custom-made gift and you’re the “designer”! Select the day you want to begin the calendar deck, whether it be the day of graduation or choose another day that you think would be meaningful. Each 365-card deck is printed on quality recycled paper. We recommend our “For the Graduate” quote theme to shower inspiration, praise and well-wishes onto your graduate.

You can further personalize your graduation gift by uploading your own photos or choosing from our selection of stock images. Choose one of our 5 card styles that feature different fonts and colors, as well as one of our 6 display case colors (black, white, red, pink, gold or chrome) to create a uniquely personal gift for your recipient.

To go along with the inspirational quotes, your graduate will appreciate up to 35 Special Day cards that you fill with your personal messages, images, and photos. Show your favorite graduate how proud you are of them as they celebrate their achievement and start the next chapter of their life.


The 400 Hugs tabletop calendar organizer can be refilled creating a gift that lasts for many years.

The 400 Hugs tabletop calendar organizer giving doesn’t stop there. A free mobile phone app is also included. Your graduate will receive his or her inspirational quote or personal message and photo daily, even when they aren’t near the 400 Hugs organizer.

400 Hugs makes it easy to custom-make a personalized graduation gift to celebrate the graduate in your life. Make their day even more special by showing them your support with a 400 Hugs tabletop calendar organizer that offers them inspiration for the year ahead, while celebrating the memories of the accomplishment behind them.

400 Hugs: Making lives better, every day, in a personal and motivating way.