“But let all who take refuge in You rejoice;

              let them sing joyful praises forever.”

“Spread Your protection over them, that all who love

              Your name may be filled with joy.”

Psalm 5:11 NLT


April – a special time of year when we not only experience the new life that Spring brings, but get to celebrate the new God-given life that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ offers.

This year, with our uniquely customizable 400 Hugs tabletop calendar organizer you can create a beautiful gift to your friends, loved ones, and family. And we guarantee that you will enjoy every step in making it!

Start your 400 Hugs Easter calendar organizer on Sunday April 1 or the day of your choice, and fill it with the Bible verses and inspiring words from renowned writers, spiritual leaders, and “old hymn” lyrics testifying out loud the everlasting faith that our ancestors have proclaimed before us.

Your 400 Hugs Easter gift comes with an easy-to-read one-year calendar card deck that we provide in all our tabletop organizers. We use quality recycled paper for every 365-card deck. Each card in the deck displays a beautiful verse or an inspirational quote to make every day a celebration of His love and faith. For this Christian celebration, we recommend that you use our “Inspired Christian” quote collection.  Plus, we have many more quote themes to choose from.customizable easter gifts for Christians


As you create your gift, your personal touch is added as you upload your own photos or select our stock images for each card. In addition, you can choose from 5 calendar card styles (different font and colors) and 6 display case colors (black, white, red, pick, gold, or chrome).

To further customize your personal gift, you can add up to 35 Special Day cards with your personal messages and images or photos. You’ll love making this gift, as much as your recipient will love getting it and discovering the treasures of Christian Love and Faith!

Our 400 Hugs tabletop calendar organizer also provides a convenient space for your desktop essentials. There is space to hold two pens, a pull-out drawer for small items, and a pad of sticky notes. The 400 Hugs display case is long lasting. It can be refilled year after to year, to keep the tradition going.

Along with the unique features of the 400 Hugs tabletop calendar organizer, we include a free mobile phone app. This way, your friends and loved ones will receive their personal messages, quotes, and photos daily, even when they aren’t near their 400 Hugs organizer.

This year, celebrate with a personalized Easter gift for all your friends and family from 400 Hugs. They’ll be happily surprised when you show up for Easter with a custom-made Easter gift just for them. It is truly . . . the gift that gives every day!