Celebrating Anniversaries


“To love and be loved is the great happiness of existence.”

              Sydney Smith”


The 400 Hugs tabletop calendar organizer is a memorable custom-made anniversary gift for that special one in your life. Shower her with attention every day with a gift you’ll love making as much as she will love receiving.

Each 400 Hugs anniversary gift comes with an easy-to-read one-year calendar card deck that is displayed in your organizer. We use quality recycled paper for every 365-card deck. You choose the day you want the card deck to start on. Select the day of your anniversary, or another meaningful moment of your relationship. Each card displays an inspirational quote or saying to celebrate your relationship. We recommend the following custom quote themes: “For Her,” “All About Love” or “My Faith.” It’ll make the perfect gift!

As you create your “Hugs”, you’ll add your personal touch by uploading your own photos, or selecting from our stock images, to display on the calendar cards. Choose one of 6 display case colors (black, white, red, pink, gold or chrome) and one of our 5 card styles (different fonts and colors) for a perfect finishing touch.



You can further personalize your 400 Hugs tabletop calendar organizer by adding up to 35 Special Day cards that you create. Your mate will be flattered with your personal messages and images. They’ll appreciate the memories and notes of love you choose to share, celebrating your relationship all year long.

The usefulness of your stylish 400 Hugs anniversary gift display case will also be appreciated. In addition to displaying the custom-made card deck, the organizer provides a space to hold two pens, a pull-out drawer for small items, and a pad of sticky notes. The display case can be refilled with a different quote theme deck each year, creating a gift that can be used year after year.
The giving of 400 Hugs doesn’t stop there. You loved one will enjoy a free mobile phone app that is also included. This way, they will receive your personal messages and photos every day, even when they are away from home.

Celebrate the memories, falling in love hundreds of times throughout the year as you share the special moments that celebrate your relationship. Show how you are forever in love with a truly unique personalized anniversary gift from 400 Hugs – The gift that gives every day!