About Us/Our Story

The History of 400 Hugs™

In 1979, businessman and founder Greg Kelley came up with a lucrative idea for a better way for businesses to follow up on their valued customers after the purchase. Starting in a bedroom and ending up in a six-story, 72,000 square foot building 34 years later, he sold that business and planned on retiring. But there was another business idea that he had over the years and just couldn’t let it go, so 400 Hugs™ was born.

This unique product, which was named “The Coolest New Product of the Year” by Intuitive Design Group, is an advanced accessory/calendar gift item uniquely different than anything that has come before it. Classic and new technology are successfully combined for an innovative and versatile daily calendar. Designed to be created and customized online, the 400 Hugs™ calendar is then manufactured and shipped directly to you or whom you are gifting. We strive to provide you with a unique gift idea and personal experience unlike any that can be found elsewhere.

What Is the 400 Hugs™ Company?

400 Hugs™ has one goal: Inspiring people to be a better version of themselves. A mixture of old and new technology, the 400 Hugs™ company is revolutionary and in a category of its own. We celebrate the joyful moments in lives through a personalized experience of our customized calendar. 400 Hugs™ inspires through its blend of inspiration, motivation, and personal messages – 400 messages to be exact. Each calendar gift includes personalized daily messages as well as 35 additional photo cards or message cards. Also as a desk organizer, it includes a notepad, pen holders and accessory drawer in one convenient space always right at your fingertips. 400 Hugs™ desk calendars are a uniquely versatile product that delivers an enjoyable and personal way to keep you and others encouraged through inspiration and motivation on a daily basis. Customized personalization of our calendar provides a thoughtful gift meant to re-share the special moments of our lives and to provide inspirational quotes and sayings. We’ve dedicated our company to making lives better, every day, in a personal and motivating way and our customized gift calendar strongly reflects that.

What Is the 400 Hugs™ Customized Calendar Organizer?

400 Hugs™ is an individualized calendar for the home countertop or office desk which includes an optional smartphone application. The daily quotes and photos are both motivational and stimulating, with the ability to be personalized. Designed and created online, the 400 Hugs™ experience is more personable and unique than a typical calendar, framed photo or quote collection. It offers daily, customizable quotes, personal photos and/or artwork. This innovative system delivers special personalized notes to remember and celebrate the moments that are important to you and those you know: birthdays, anniversaries, reminders or just that special “hug” you need or want to give in the future. It’s an all-in-one product that delivers organization and ease of use, putting supplies easily at your fingertips. It has a sticky-notepad and pen holder, as well as an all-purpose accessory drawer. Its technology is paper, plastic and cyberspace wrapped into one versatile and unique gift idea! We pride ourselves in quality manufacturing that we ship directly to you or the person you are gifting (gift card included). The 400 Hugs™ experience is the new companion that greets you, your loved ones or your friends daily. Hug someone today!